Skincare Differ in the Summer Time

Does Skincare Differ in the Summer time?

Does Skincare Differ in the Summertime?

Talia Tardogno, Priti P. Patel MD


As the heat of summer approaches it is important to think about the effects extra time in the sun can have on your skin. It may seem like you have to pick between a fun day at the beach and nice skin, but you don’t have to sacrifice your summer fun! There is a way to keep our skin healthy and still enjoy a great day at the beach! 


The first step to being prepared to protect your skin during the summer is sunscreen. The ingredients to look for are titanium oxide or zinc oxide. These two mineral based ingredients are what make for a good sunscreen that will protect you from the UV rays. A layer of sunscreen before putting makeup on, and before leaving the house is always a good way to ensure your skin can stay protected. When you’re out in the sun for a prolonged time it is also important to reapply your spf about every 2 hours, or sooner if you feel yourself starting to burn!


Next is the aftercare, after you have laid out in the sun for the day. Our skin needs to be hydrated to stay smooth and youthful. Moisturizing is a good way to ensure your skin can stay this way. In the summer moisturizing 2-3 times a day may be useful since your skin may get a little drier due to more sun exposure. It is also important to try and find products that work for your skin. It has been said that oil free moisturizers feel lighter and absorb better into the skin, so try and find ones that are oil free!  Procedures such as the Hydrafacial treatment can replace lost moisture and results can last longer with continued treatments.  


The most important thing is to try and stay protected when in the sun, and try not to overexpose your skin to the UV rays. While ftercare is a good way to ensure your skin stays hydrated and cared for, UV protectant clothes, hats, and sunglasses can offer a physical barrier to avoid the harmful effects of the summer sun.  Avoidance of retinols and hydroquinone based products when plannings long days in the sun is also critical as this can make you more photosensitive.  Restart these skincare items when the risks of overexposure to skin has been eliminated.  

Treatment options:

Dr. Priti Patel is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers various tips on skincare and getting your skin to look it’s best.  During your consultation you may also wish to discuss methods to improve aged skin that may have previously been damaged by the sun.  Many sun related skin conditions such as sunspots or pigmentation can be treated throughout the year to get your skin looking flawless!


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