Most breast surgeries are quick and provide great results

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, or is a surgical procedure that can help to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast.

Breast Augmentation

Breast size is an important part of feeling healthy, attractive, and confident for many women. Breast augmentation is the choice of many women who want to be their most confident self. Breast implants can help provide a natural augmentation to a women’s chest.


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Breast Augmentation Surgery
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Who is it for?

All breast implants are FDA-approved for healthy patients who meet minimum age requirements.

Breast augmentation is primarily for women who hope to increase the overall size of their breasts. The procedure is also beneficial to patients who want volume or shape enhancements. Women who have experienced pregnancy or significant weight loss may also opt for this surgery to restore lost fullness. A breast lift can be done in conjunction for women with sagging of the breasts.

Treatment Information


Breast augmentation can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman’s breasts. During your breast augmentation consultation, you’ll learn more about your options for creating your ideal breast appearance, including:


Many women would like to increase the size of their breasts. If you’re one of these women, and you’re also over 18, physically healthy, emotionally stable, and have realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can accomplish, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation.

The best way to determine with any certainty if breast augmentation is appropriate for you is to meet with Dr. Priti Patel.

We will help navigate you through the steps you need to take before surgery. You will need to make several important decisions prior to the surgery. The most important decisions include selection of the breast implants (type, size, fill, placement) and about the surgery itself (anesthesia and location). All patients must stop smoking 4 weeks prior to any surgical treatment. A screening mammogram is also commonly required for most women in preparation.

The best way to select the breast implants that will be used during your breast augmentation procedure is to have a thorough discussion with our doctor. You’ll need to consider your body frame and goals. Other considerations include the implant size, fill (saline or silicone), shell, and shape (round or anatomical) will be best for you. We’ve also provided a few helpful facts about breast implant options. Currently our practice does not utilize textured implants, however smooth silicone and saline implants are available. A thorough informed consent will be performed prior to your surgery to keep you fully aware of potential risks and benefits.

There is the potential for the reduction of nipple sensation in a small percentage of patients. More commonly this will improve over time. Because the ducts are not separated with this surgery, uou should be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation.

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