Laceration Repair

Repairing form and function

Lacerations require proper care by a skilled surgeon to provide optimal results.

Laceration Repair

A laceration is an irregular cut in the skin caused by a sharp object. Treatment for a laceration typically depends on just how deep the cut is.

Lacerations remain the most common cause of emergency room visits in the United States. Treating lacerations appropriately not only reduces the risk of infection, scarring, and hospitalization but can also sometimes save a life.

Dr. Priti Patel provides assistance for proper treatment of traumatic injuries. For injuries less severe, we are able to repair many of these conveniently in our office. Plastic surgeons will performed layered repairs allowing us to remove the tension from the repair to provide the best cosmetic outcome. For more urgent issues, contact our office and we would be happy to arrange treatment.



What is Laceration Wound?

A laceration is a wound that occurs when skin, tissue, and/or muscle is torn or cut open. Lacerations may be deep or shallow, long or short, and wide or narrow.

Complex laceration repair is the act of cleaning, preparing, and closing the wound in a layered fashion for the most optimal outcome with regard to healing as well as scarring.

Cleaning and preparing a laceration for repair is crucial for preventing infection and reducing the appearance of scaring. Cleaning not only washes away dirt, but also removes the germs that could trigger infection. Cleaning is done in the same manner regardless of the technique that will be used for wound closure. Preparation is done to even out jagged edges so that scarring may be less noticeable.

Treatment Information

Best Method of Treating a Laceration

Most complex lacerations benefit from a plastic surgery repair and reconstruction for the purposes of ideal healing and scarring.

Contact our office should you require repair. We provide prompt accessibility year round.

Scarring can occur regardless of closure method. Even as plastic surgeons we cannot make scars disappear. However, as plastic surgeons we do our best to repair the wound with multiple fine sutures in a layered fashion. This often releases tendon from the laceration and provides minimal scarring. We recommend silicone scar gel and massage therapy after repair to optimize the outcome.




First, apply pressure. Once the acute emergent issues are stabilized you can contact our office anytime and we will be happy to arrange the repair. If the laceration is deep and more complicated, Dr. Priti Patel will be happy to coordinate care in the emergency setting. For other lacerations, we are conveniently able to repair these in our office setting if the conditions permit. We provide call coverage to a few of the local hospitals as well.

In the emergency setting, most insurances may provide coverage for laceration repairs however it may depend on your specific plan and policy.  A plastic surgeon’s involvement can be considered based on the nature of the injury.   Contact our office and we will be happy to help navigate the process.  Please note that we are out of network with all commercial insurances.  It’s important to understand how your health benefits work with regard to out of pocket costs. 

The bottom line is that everyone heals with a scar. However, as plastic surgeons we do our best to minimize scarring. Our sutures tend to be smaller and layered to provide the most ideal outcome. We will show you various scar treatments after to help optimize the appearance.

If the laceration site was left open we would like you to use antibiotic cream or ointment to cover cuts and scrapes on the skin. The product serves two purposes. It helps keep wounds moist, which aids healing, and it also helps reduce the risk of infection. Ingredients in these creams and ointments may trigger rashes in some people so be mindful and stop using them if you experience a skin reaction.

If the wound is covered with a white steristrip kindly leave this on until your follow up appointment and we will remove it at the visit.


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