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Reward Program

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What is a rewards program?

Each manufacturer of the botulinum products or fillers offers a rewards program which helps you accrue points and dollar rewards towards future purchases. We would be happy to accept these rewards points and credit it towards a procedure or service when you get a treatment done in our office.

Simply join online and let us know during your visit so we can apply your rewards to your account.

GALDERMA: (Restylane, Dysport)

All customers can sign up for Galderma rewards at Aspirerewards.com. This will save you money after any Restylane line of fillers or Dysport® treatment.

ALLE: (Juvaderm, Botox)

All customers can sign up for Alle rewards at Alle.com. This will save you money after any Juvaderm line of fillers or Botox® treatment.

MERZ: (Radiesse, Xeomin)

All customers can sign up for Merz rewards at Xperiencemerz.com. This will save you money after any Radiesse line of fillers or Xeomin® treatment.

We also have our own BEYOND VIP rewards program for patient’s choosing a yearly subscription for injectables. Ask about this during your visit. Refer a friend for even more!

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