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Nipple SurgeryNipple surgery is usually an outpatient procedure

Women from around the world have come to Dr. Priti P. Patel, MD for nipple repair.

Nipple Surgery Nipple Surgery

Nipple Surgery

Inverted or “shy” nipples are often more than a cosmetic problem because they may inhibit the ability to breastfeed or enjoy stimulation. Large nipples can cause you to feel self-conscious or even physically uncomfortable when wearing thinner bras or certain shirts. Similarly, many women with overly large areolas are emotionally uncomfortable in intimate settings.

Dr. Priti Patel is experienced in performing this surgery to improve the appearance of the nipple and takes this cosmetic problem seriously. Nipple correction can also be performed as part of another breast enhancement procedure.

Nipple reconstruction surgery

Nipple Surgery

Nipple reconstruction surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that uses skin from the area of the breast where the nipple will be located to form a new nipple. Later, the reconstructed nipple may be tattooed to add color and to create the areola.

The main advantage of getting your nipple reconstructed with surgery is that it will project out from the breast. Some women feel this creates a more natural look.

Nipple reconstruction can give you a good cosmetic outcome, but a reconstructed nipple won’t look and feel like your original nipple. It’s also important to know that most women lose sensation in their breast area after mastectomy and breast reconstruction, so you likely won’t have sensation in your reconstructed nipple either.

Nipple Surgery

Improving Nipple Appearance With Surgery

Treatment Instruction

For many women, their desire for breast enhancement begins with more beautiful nipples. A simple outpatient surgery can dramatically improve the look of your breasts. Women choose nipple repair by Dr. Priti Patel for:

  • Correction of inverted nipples
  • Nipple reduction
  • Areola reduction
  • Treatment of large/raised areolas


What is nipple reduction surgery?

Nipple reduction surgery reduces the projection (sticking out) of the nipple. The procedure can also decrease the circumference or size of the nipple as well.

Nipple reductions are usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast lift, but it can be performed alone.

When can I wear normal bras after nipple correction surgery?

For a minimum of 6 weeks following your surgery, you will be asked to wear a post-surgical compression bra to keep your breasts in place whilst your scars are healing. We would advise you to wait until you are fully healed prior to wearing normal bras again.

Can I have a bath after nipple correction surgery?

Depending on what type of nipple correction procedure you have had will determine just how long you will need to wait before soaking. A quick shower should be fine as long as you keep the dressings dry.

Can I go topless after nipple correction surgery?

While the wounds are healing we would recommend a comfortable bra and dressing to prevent compression on the repaired areas. The area should be cleansed with dressings for the first week.

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